The value of creative procrastination

Every year we set new goals and think about how to allocate time and resources to do everything planned as easily and quickly as possible. Prominent experts in the field of personal development write hundreds of tips on the effectiveness and implementation of New Year's plans.

Among the world's books on personal effectiveness, a special place should be given to Brian Tracy's fundamental bestseller "Eat that frog. Of course, it is not a frog, but the most difficult and unpleasant task that must be completed first at the beginning of the day.

B. Tracy, a professional lecturer, consultant, and leading specialist in personal development shows by the example of his life how proper work planning leads to success and financial prosperity.

One of Tracy's most paradoxical pieces of advice is to engage in creative procrastination. At first glance, the question arises: how procrastination is connected to productivity? But after reading the explanation of the advice, I understand the value: "Because you can not do everything. You have to learn to consciously postpone those tasks that are of little value in order to gain time for what really matters. ” In fact, the prioritization of tasks should be taken into account, because it allows us to achieve real goals.

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