Design digest #22: співпраця дизайнера і розробника, сторітеллінг в дизайні та ChatGPT для UX Research

Цей дайджест склали Олег Ідолов, Євген Янішевський, Захар Кривошия та Павло Сідаш з Awesomic. Обговорюйте дайджест у коментарях, а також в окремій спільноті ;)

🦄 Продуктовий та UI/UX дизайн

Статті та кейс-стаді

🔗 Onboarding Tutorials vs. Contextual Help | NN/group

🔗 Collaboration Secrets: Design X Engineering |

🔗 10 Survey Challenges and How to Avoid Them | NN/group

🔗 How Duolingo drives subscription conversion | UX Collective

🔗 Five Steps To Design Your Product With Powerful Storytelling | Smashing Magazine

🔗 Advanced techniques for writing good interfaces | UX Collective

🔗 How we built our multi-platform design system at |

🔗 Ethical Alternatives to Revenue-Generating Deceptive Patterns | UX Collective

🔗 Accessible but never boring: Rebranding the Wise design system for everyone (part 1) | Wise Design

🔗 UX Cheat Sheet: Common login patterns | UX Collective

🔗 3 High-Level Takeaways from 1,700 Hours Testing Travel Tours and Experience Booking Sites | Baymard Institute

🔗 Using ChatGPT for User Research | UX Planet

🇺🇦 Патенти в дизайні: Розробити новий інтерфейс складніше, ніж вам здається | UXPUB


👁 Last Year You Said Next Year | Linear

👁 Traffic Productions | HOLOGRAPHIK

👁 Eminente | obys

👁 Maëlan Le Meur | Quentin Hocdé

👁 Kurdcoin | twid studio


👁 Søren Rose Studio | Spring/Summer

👁 CHRLS.DSGN | Charles

👁 Yuga Labs | Antinomy Studio

👀 Візуальна комунікація

Статті та кейс-стаді

🔗 In Turkey, Gürbüz’s Art Responds to the Tragedy | PRINT Magazine

🔗 What would designers be without tools? Two Times Elliott explore creativity away from the screen | The Brand Identity

🔗 Why Are People Mad About the New Nokia Logo – and Is It Warranted? | PRINT Magazine

🔗 Y2K aesthetic for web design projects: Everything you need to know | Webflow

🔗 7 Designers On 7 Brands That Don't Fem-Wash | Dieline

🔗 Yan-Co invents impossible foods to brand a cult Bavarian “neo-tavern” | It’s Nice That

🔗 Janny Ji on working at Media Arts Lab, how Pentagram shaped her creativity, and designing for communities | Creative Boom

🔗 All you need is creativity: We ask creatives to imagine love letters to their practice | It’s Nice That

🔗 “It’s all about people!” Jacob Heftmann on XXIX’s democratic and dazzlingly talented studio | The Brand Identity

🔗 Sibling Rivalry lets its diverse personality shine in playful new visual system | Creative Boom

🇺🇦 Як айдентика оживає у вебдизайні: кейс подкасту Hard Stop |



👁 Tugg | Kurppa Hosk

👁 Netflix | Koto Studio

👁 Prime Video | Pentagram

👁 Mode | Gretel

👁 Freeform | COLLINS

👁 F-Secure | NOMAD


👩‍🚀 Менеджмент, лідерство і кар’єрне зростання

Lessons of Design by Fabricio Teixeira – a designer based in Brooklyn, NY. He’s a design partner at digital product agency Work & Co, and the founder of design publications UX Collective and DOC.

How Designers Should Ask For (And Receive) High-Quality Feedback | Smashing Magazine

How to apply for a job at a design studio, with help from Fiasco Design’s Co-founder Ben Steers | The Brand Identity

My Top Takeaways from Working at Meta (ex-Facebook) | UX Planet

Product Vision is Science Fiction | Jeff Patton & Associates

The Freelancers: Josh Lassen on learning from mistakes and working alongside the right people | The Brand Identity

🔠 Типографіка

Rakuten Font developed by Rakuten Design Lab with Dalton Maag

+ Video series of a conversation between Rakuten and Dalton Maag detailing this effort

Shantell Sans from Shantell Martin. Marker-style font built for creative expression, typographic play, and animation.

+ The Story of Shantell Sans | blog

ATypI Paris 2023 is an event devoted to everything imaginable related to type design and typography. Conference week: Tuesday–Sunday, May 9–14, 2023

Lexia and Lexia Mono by Dalton Maag have been refreshed with an upgrade to variable font format and an extended weight range.

Tomato Grotesk is a modern grotesk family with simple geometric shapes and accentuated contrast | The Brand Identity

🇺🇦 UAF Sans custom type family by Dmytro Rastvortsev for Збройні Сили України / The Armed Forces of Ukraine identity

🇺🇦 Robit – a tech brutal typeface with huge ink traps and humanistic shapes by Maksym Kobuzan

🇺🇦 Як АльфаБраво створювали шрифти для MacPaw | Telegraph design

🚀 Інструменти та продукти


▶️ Videos in prototypes just got better

📚 Enabling libraries at the workspace level

🧈 Smoother prototyping

🏃‍♀️ Performance improvements for admins


Illuminate 3D objects using multiple lights, find overlapping areas of objects to click and intertwine, reveal the structure of 3D objects using wireframes and many more in Illustrator v27.3


Welcome to Beyond the Canvas, our new home for all things design | Sketch

AI інструменти

AI Library | The largest up-to-date catalog of 1000+ neural networks and tools for creators

Uizard Autodesigner | Text to design, automated by AI

Stable Attribution | Find the human art behind the A.I. images

Gen-1 by Runway | Use words and images to generate new videos out of existing ones.

Scribble Diffusion | Turn your sketch into a refined image using AI

Notion AI | Access the limitless power of AI, right inside Notion. Work faster. Write better. Think bigger.

Raycast AI lets you control your tools with a few keystrokes.


Color accessibility: tools and resources to help you design inclusive products | Stéphanie Walter

Campsite Design – The best design teams share lots of work. Campsite makes it easy to keep up.

🤔 Інше


Eight wartime designs by Ukrainian studios | deezen

Why all of Hollywood UI looks the same | UX Collective

Design thinking was supposed to fix the world. Where did it go wrong? | MIT Technology Review

My Favorite Things: Imagine Your World Without Favorites | PRINT Magazine

🇺🇦 Що ШІ думає про майбутнє дизайнерів: розмова зі штучним інтелектом у Chat GPT |


The REAL potential of generative AI | Y Combinator Blog


UX Podcasts For Designers | Smashing Magazine

Design Matters: Rick Rubin | PRINT Magazine

🤪 Меми

Приєднуйтесь до ком’юніті дизайнерів Awesomic! Відкриті позиції UI/UX Designer, Senior UI/UX Designer та інші — за посиланням.

Для дизайнерів з України Awesomic пришвидшено валідує профайл перед початком роботи з західними клієнтами. Відновимо економіку країни разом! 🇺🇦

Приєднуйтесь до нашої дизайн-спільноти, обговорюйте найгарячіші кейси та надсилайте свої меми ;)

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