The Economy is Built by the One Who Makes the Content. The Age of New Entrepreneurs

Isolation, lockdown, war – what to do and how to be useful to society when survival comes first. How to use online tools and creative content to realize your potential.

In 2020, many of us found ourselves in a situation where we lost everything. No more contracts, no more purchases, no more customers, no more deliveries, businesses were closing down one by one, public events were banned. Everything froze, and we found ourselves locked down alone with ourselves and our doubts, fears, and thoughts. All we had to do was observe and not make drastic decisions. Regularly train our brains, giving out new ideas. Without judgment and evaluation, just like a child does. We watched and tried.

Here we are in 2022, and our understanding of the world order changed completely. Such events break the usual course of things and break us from the inside. It leaves us with an understanding of what is important: you, your loved ones, and your home. This is a time for action on the field, where everything is black or white because life or death is at stake.

This phase also shook up the global economy, in which not everyone can immediately find a place for themselves and contribute to society, but must act to survive and help the country.

New Habits and Content as a Touch with Reality

Such conditions dictate new rules for businesses and consumers. During lockdowns, the experience of traveling, walking, meeting, and familiar surroundings was replaced by smartphones and limitless content. It was now the only contact with the outside world available. A simple inexhaustible resource for enjoying right here right now and the main tool for work and learning.

This has formed several new user habits:

● Communicating by video call.

● Online training, marathons, nutrition counseling, and online doctor appointments.

● Delivery of dishes from restaurants, and groceries from stores.

● Active online shopping from big chains to small craft brands.

● Remote work and business meetings via conference calls.

● Online fast education courses, business intensives, and training in educational institutions.

● Live streaming from public figures and online broadcasts of events.

We are talking about a fundamentally new online behavior, an increase in screen time in general, and a strong trust in information products. Because now we make every decision through content – from delivering food to getting new professions online. The information society was born, and its most sought-after product is ideas, meanings, images, and role models. The creative professions and the people who work based on their skills and knowledge alone have changed. Hence, this is the change in the complete marketing system through the emergence of micro- and macro-influencers who generate content and create online products for the audience.

They became the new entrepreneurs, the ones who run the economy. Who are free from prejudice and are writing a new history.

Today, amid hostilities, on top of everything else, the smartphone connects us to our loved ones and, at the same time, to the whole world. The flow of information now allows me to check in with reality, the way the world lives today, and where I am in this world. From the screen, we can see, in real-time, how history is unfolding before our eyes, in which we have already become the main participants. This allows each of us to become a player in this new world.

Content has become more important than ever. It has become the basis for our today and for shaping our vision for tomorrow. Today, it is a simple and effective tool for influencing the audience, available to everyone.

Personality and talent: How to apply and monetize them in the creative economy

Under conditions of turbulence, a person can use what has always belonged to him and what no outside forces can take away from him - personal creativity, skills, and talents.

In today's reality, the one involved uses their imagination to increase the value of an idea. This is the economy of creativity.

This is about identity and the formation of a larger community. This is about what's rightfully yours: your word, self-expression, and shaping a whole new reality. In the face of world events, creative minds have united in a desire to generate first-hand content and help their country's economy. These are not only designers, artists, and painters; now in the creative industry, there are bloggers and influencers at various levels, each of whom has a set of competencies in their field, which they broadcast and pass on to others. Today users willingly trust advice, marathons, intensives, and courses, the unique products of people whose lives they follow and whom they trust personally.

The creativity economy is giving birth to new professions and platforms that also bring new benefits to those who consume that content.

● Platforms for posting content: YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and others;

● Content processing services: Canva, Ableton, FL Studio, Supa, and others;

● Portfolio platforms: Behance, LinkedIn, and others.

There is a place in this industry for anyone who creates new forms and meanings through content – text, image, video, NFT, music, programs and applications, animation, performance – any combination of idea and technology. That's what's at stake today: an idea that you put your talent and skills into. It is monetized and useful to society. It lives because you live it.

All that matters is to give meaning, to fully incorporate all spectrums of emotions, and to be stable in generating content.

Content is the king

The recent years can be fully considered transformational. They have brought key events in geopolitics, changed the world as a whole, and, at the same time, changed the lives of each of us. We cannot say that we did not notice how we woke up in a new reality, where we have to live by new rules. A new reality, where sincerity and service came to the fore, as well as flexibility and speed of decision-making. At the same time, of course, ready-made solutions do not work. The new sincerity exacerbates the sense of tone and exclusivity.

It used to be that whoever acted according to the laws of creativity just stood out from the crowd. Now it's the only way you can achieve something or be left behind forever.

Author: Tetiana Bohoslavska-Orel, founder and creative director of RGB IDEA GROUP

Copywriting: Zoya Pysmenna