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About us

Bonum creates and develops commercial projects on the Internet. Give us a business idea and get a ready-made marketing strategy. Choose which customer you are: ◉ You want to develop on the Internet, but you don't know where to start. Solution: You will receive three clear action plans from Bonum, tailored to your business needs. ◉ Already have a website, but want more effect. Solution: a conceptually new marketing strategy with the right vector of development, which often lead to an irrational waste of 75% of the budget. ◉ You want to introduce a new brand/product to the market. Solution: development and implementation of a new strategy, massive increase in recognition, work on reputation in the online space. We have two superpowers: ◉ we know how to clearly explain in which instruments you invest money and how they bring you profit; ◉ we understand how difficult it is for clients to understand and evaluate our work. To make it clearer, we use performance marketing - the concept of achieving specific results in numbers. As a rule, they come to us based on recommendations. This is how we got the sites: Cybernetics, large-scale e-commerce M-Fest, holding "Bread Investments", online clothing store VIRNA. Always ready to help your business achieve the highest results.


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