Case: New face of the Kyiv MICE Hub brand

Everything is possible when you work with Superheroes. There are no borders for us; we are always ready to face any challenge, even though the war is right outside our doors. The platform needed to create brand awareness to develop Kyiv’s potential as a hub for international business events. We applied for the competition, and guess who won? The Kyiv MICE Hub is an information platform that represents the interests of the Department of Tourism and Promotion of the executive department of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration) and promotes Kyiv in the market of MICE travel. For 1,5 months, we created a fundamentally new modern logo, brand image, visualization of branding elements, designs for POSM-materials, advertising plans, social networks ⚡️ It is simple, but it shows all the benefits from the first look.