Currency Converter - iOS App

By prioritizing user needs, market insights, and design principles, we have laid a robust foundation for creating a product that not only meets expectations but also exceeds them in terms of usability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Project: Stages 1 - Research and Analysis:
 Conducted thorough research and analysis to understand user needs and market trends. 2 - Sketching and Wireframing:
 Transformed conceptual ideas into real forms using sketches and wireframes. 3 - UI Design and Clicable Prototype:
 Integrated aesthetic considerations and user interaction principles into user interface design, developing an interactive prototype for stakeholder feedback. 4 - Testing Prototype:
 Thoroughly tested the prototype to assess usability, functionality and user interaction. 5 - Design System:
 Developed a design framework to support product consistency and scalability, including visual guidelines and component libraries.