Online Ecommerce Conference for Conversion Growth

On Thursday, the 16th of June, at 12:00 noon (EEST), please join the Online Ecommerce Conference for Conversion Growth by Turum-burum!

For the very first time on one virtual stage you will see:

  •  Baymard, an independent web UX research institute,
  •  CXL, one of the best online marketing institutes,
  •  Hotjar, a popular online service for usability analysis
  •  Optimizely, leading company that provides digital experience platform software as a service

Come online and you will learn:

  • How to shorten the way to buy in mobile: the results of research on the interfaces of the world's top ecommerce companies,
  • Usability errors that affect conversion the most
  • Retention rate or how to extend a client's lifetime value (LTV)
  • Steps you can take to improve your user experience and increase conversions.

Join us! 

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