How the Preferred Rate Retention Works on CASES

Current edition: 01.04.2024


Welcome! 👋

We're glad you're here! On this page, we'll explain the mechanics behind retaining your preferred subscription rate, who qualifies for it, and why it matters.

Simply put, some of our users benefit from a subscription rate that's lower than our standard pricing, which you can check on the "Subscription" page.

This plan can be profitable and we fix it for the user, but to continue to benefit from these conditions, it is important not to interrupt the subscription for more than 90 days per year.

Periodic Subscription Price Reviews

CASES relies on a variety of services priced in USD. Consequently, fluctuating exchange rates necessitate adjustments on our part.

Additionally, as our course library expands monthly, so does the workload to maintain it. Our users frequently request updates for existing courses and eagerly anticipate new ones. We're constantly evolving our offerings to enhance your experience, making the platform better, more engaging, and user-friendly. These developments mean more content and opportunities for our community, but also necessitate occasional price adjustments.

We understand price increases are never welcome, and we share your sentiment. Valuing our long-standing users deeply, we've decided to allow those with existing preferential rates to retain them.

Eligibility for Discounts and How They're Determined

Discounts are available to those who subscribed early or received a special offer during marketing promotions or directly from our marketing team.

Discount sizes are tailored to the individual, with our earliest users often enjoying the most favorable terms and largest discounts.

However, we believe it's only fair to extend these discounts to active users who genuinely engage with our platform.

Understanding Freezing and Its Mechanism

Freezing allows users to retain their preferential rate in instances where they've paused their learning journey and either canceled or not renewed their subscription. We offer a 90-day freeze period annually. Should this period lapse without renewal, the preferential rate is forfeited, and the standard rate applies.

Notably, since subscriptions cover the forthcoming 30 days, the freeze period's deduction begins after the paid access concludes, not at the subscription's cancellation.

A year following the allocation of the preferential rate, another 90-day freeze period becomes available.