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Pay for sales results, not processes Here are the key differentiators of Scaleuphero, your trusted partner in B2B lead generation. 1. Price-per-appointment Model or Net Revenue Commission: We offer flexible pricing options tailored to your needs, including a price-per-appointment model or a net revenue commission structure after a successful 3-month pilot phase. 2. Deep Understanding of Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): Our team dives deep into understanding your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to ensure that we target the right audience and deliver qualified leads. We also conduct additional customer research activities if necessary. 3. Direct Engagement with Experienced Professionals: When you partner with Scaleuphero, you work directly with seasoned professionals like Sergiy Sumnikov (, who brings over 15 years of successful full sales-cycle experience. Most of our experience is serving English-speaking markets, the Nordics, the Netherlands, and the German-speaking market. Book a complimentary consultation session today!