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Our residents Our database includes over 200 high-quality content creators, as well as digital marketers, smm managers, content producers and target specialists. They collaborate remotely or as freelancers on a project basis, or provide monthly support as part-time employees. ​ Our choice Our experts, specialists in creativity, media and marketing, evaluate each portfolio, and only 10% of content creators get access to our network. The key criteria by which we select residents are portfolio, commercial clients and superpowers, namely, what the candidate can do better than others, fast and professional communication, unique specialization or skill, and multitasking at the same time. ​ Our clients Own a business or work for a small and medium-sized business. These are entrepreneurs, marketers and PR specialists, SMM managers and content managers. They work for technology companies, fashion and beauty brands, grocery retail, business consultants and national manufacturers. Our mission To connect a dream team with a creative idea. And a creative idea with a deadline and budget. Our makers create unique content according to the brief. No delays. Within the budget.