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November 8th, 2019 at 10:00

Practicum of Andreas Laeufer to become a brand expert

Price 7000 
Three days practicum to work on a real client and a real project of an international brand with creative and art director of MetaDesign Berlin.

We'll have a conversation about the role of brands in people's life, about understanding the world around us and the place of brands in that. You will learn that consumers actually don't give a shit about ads and stories on instagram. It takes much more to become a love brand. In times of fake images, fake brands and fake news, brands need to take position, not just have a positioning.

Next to that we will have an excursion into the importance of good design in times of data and technology.

CREATIVITY HAS THE POWER TO TRANSFORM HUMAN BEHAVIOUR. You will learn how. And know what it takes to become an expert of brands that people love!

Exact agenda will follow.

Andreas Laeufer is an initially co-founder of cult publication Tank Magazine in London, the first independent life-style magazine in the world, he is considered to be one of the most highly decorated designers of the last two decades. For his achievements in design and publishing British Esquire magazine in collaboration with fashion house Dior voted him to be one of the most influential personalities in the UK.

He has worked in the areas of brand strategy, brand development, brand design, brand communication and packaging design for brands such as Levis, Giorgio Armani, PRADA, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, Stella McCartney, Swarovski, Cacharel, LOREAL Paris, Procter& Gamble, British Airways, Liberty London, TOP SHOP London, Issey Miyake, JOOP!, MERCEDES-BENZ, HUGO BOSS, FIAT, Samsung, McDONALDS, IQOS, PORSCHE and so on.


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Школа Projector — платформа, помогающая профессионалам разного уровня и специализаций развивать системные и точечные навыки в дизайне интерфейсов, графдизайне, разработке, фронт-энде, проджект-менеджменте, интернет-маркетинге, английском языке и тд.

Address: Kyiv, ул. Кожемяцкая, 10


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