Пліхівська Ольга
Україна, Львів

Про мене

Hello! I'm Olga, I'm a UX/UI designer, packaging and printing designer, logo and branding designer. I started doing design gradually — combining my main work and design as a hobby. My speciality, I am a marketer and commercial figure. I worked in the field of marketing for about 12 years, and before that I worked in the banking field. Eventually, I realized that design is more interesting for me than just a hobby, and I started designing on a freelance basis. Since 2018, I have been exclusively engaged in design on a self-employed basis. I am a designer with experience in project management and marketing, which helps me comprehend the client and their business better. I don't just create design, I also construct an effective system that will advance your company. Furthermore, I research your industry, examine rivals, then develop a special product just for you, because I want that you will can to accomplish success.