Design digest #14: WWDC, Figma Config, оновлення Airbnb та Instagram.

Цей дайджест склали Angelina Sadykhova, Kirill Kostritskiy, Furkan İlbay та Oleh Idolov з Awesomic.

Обговорюйте дайджест у коментарях, а також в окремій спільноті ;)

🦄 Product & UI/UX Design

Статті та кейс стаді

🔗 Apple WWDC 2022: the 16 biggest announcements.

Customizable Lock Screen, updated Notifications and Live Activities in iOS, MacOS Ventura, new MacBook Air with M2 chip, WatchOS 9, a major update to CarPlay and many more.

🔗 How To Give Effective Feedback Remotely | Smashing Magazine

🔗 Ink Thinking Improves UX-Decision Making | NN/group

🔗 How The Russia-Ukraine War Is Affecting Digital Design | UX Magazine

🔗 How A Small Design Change Uplifted The GoShop Experience | Gojek Product + Tech

🔗 Bad Bad UI: 10 Common Mistakes in User Interfaces | FlowMapp

🔗 Designing A Better Language Selector | Smashing Magazine

🔗 Design Guidelines for Selling Products with Multiple Variants | NN/group

🔗 From Research to Ideation | UX Planet

🔗 Designers, (Re)define Success First | A List Apart

🔗 End Bottlenecks: How Human Insights Are Changing Research Habits | UserTesting

🔗 Competitive Analysis of Features | UXmatters

🔗 Why So Many Luxury Brands Are Terrible at Ecommerce | NN/group

🔗 4 Best Practices for Delivering Top Ecommerce Experiences | UserTesting

🔗 Personas vs. Archetypes | NN/group

🔗 Content Testing & Measurement: How to Evaluate & What to Use | UserTesting

🔗 Two Tips for Better UX Storytelling | NN/group


👁 2022 Apple Design Award Winners

👁 Introducing the new Airbnb

👁 Superlist – Get things done with your team

👁 Uno is making the internet easier to use, starting with security.

👁 Wyre – Powerful payments APIs to connect your app or business to the blockchain

👁 Coherence – The First Developer Experience Platform

👁 Muse App – Flexible boards for notetaking, whiteboarding, and connecting the dots

👁 the other side of truth by The First The Last agency #standwithukraine

👀 Visual Communication

Статті та кейс-стаді

🔗 Holiday reflect on the launch of their studio and the learning curve of running a new business | The Brand Identity

🔗 This logo constantly redraws itself: An Experimental Logo that Was Designed by an Algorithm | Fast Company

🔗 Cure for Racism: An art meets guerilla-style campaign by the advertising agency Anchor Worldwide to stop the hate and crimes against Asian people. Neatly executed packaging with a strong message on the back | The Drum

🔗 Boxmoji: the trending new aesthetic | by Diego Salvatierra for UX Collective

🔗 Designing propaganda posters for the 21st century: This set of poster are made by UK-based collectives and are using historical design movements to inspire their bold aesthetic approach.

🔗 Accessibility Symbol Competition Winner | The International Union of Architects & Rehabilitation International

🔗 #UKRAINETALENT: Yurko Gutsulyak, The Design Pioneer

🔗 The one true rule of branding | James Martensen

🔗 Upcycling Guru Nicole Mclaughlin Preaches the Gospel of Doing It Yourself | PRINT Magazine

🔗 The Era of Rebellious Web Design Is Here | Eye On Design

🔗 It's Nice That's print sale for Ukraine includes artworks by Jean Jullien, Anthony Burrill, Kelly Anna and lots more.

🔗 Uppercase on studio culture, the metaverse and what it means to be a 'tech-driven' design studio | The Brand Identity

🔗 Is Kanye Designing The New McDonald's Packaging? | Dieline


👁 Introducing Instagram's Visual Refresh

👁 CNET | brand identity by Collins

👁 GMI Studios | brand identity by Dennis and Allie Hees

👁 CIRCA5000 (formerly tickr) | brand identity by Ragged Edge

👁 IBM Design Language | by Peter Garvin

👁 Flutterwave | brand identity by Verve

🔤 Типографіка

Два великих оновлення з типографічного всесвіту:

Apple: SF Pro + ultra extended/condensed versions

Google: Roboto Flex

& Google I/O 2022: Create expressive and readable typography with variable fonts


Instagram Sans Typeface Font subsetting is a process that can lead to little font file sizes by reducing the characters unnecessary. Jeff Frankl has a list of foundries that support it, which can lead to a 60% reducing in the sizes of types on the web.

Monotype Neurons: A Deep Neurologic Research on How Type Choices Effect Psychology – Also includes a special e-book and a webinar for for all the people who want to dive more on the topic.

2022 Type Trends by Monotype: Great archive for your next project’s type choice.

SANS FR 1628-1924: A book that goes deep into why Sans Serif fonts are so popular nowadays and why it was back then even on the Byzantion coins. A must-read for all the people related to design and type history.

Unicode update on the flag emojis: Unicode is thinking of removing the flag emojis. But why? Here are the reasons.

TypeTogether's 'Building Ligatures' is a Must-Read for Progressive Typography Fans | PRINT Magazine

Stranger Things: the inspiration, the alternatives, and the final homage to design's iconic legends in a single logo | TypeRoom

👩‍🚀 Менеджмент та лідерство

Hiring and Retaining UX Teams During the Great Resignation | NN/group

How we think about UX quality | Shopify

8 rules on how to deal with feedback as a Product designer | Designing Atlassian

UX Roadmaps: Who, When, and How Much Time? | NN/group

Why the player/coach model fails | Design Dept.

Boosting UX With Design KPIs | Smashing Magazine

Why moving from pixels to people is never a straight line | UX Collective

6 things I learned to do as a first-time Design Manager | Bootcamp

🚀 Продукти та інструменти


Config 2022 Recap: Thinking big and acting with urgency

What's New in Figma: Dark mode, Redesigned auto layout, Component properties, Variable fonts, and many more.

Figma Community Awards 2022


Google I/O 2022


New in Sketch v88.1

🤔 Інше


«У мене не було страху». Лід-дизайнерка ELEKS Марія Романова повернулася з Польщі і вступила в ССО «Азов» | AIN.UA

Креативна праця в умовах воєнного часу |

З гейм-дизайнера Snap – в артилеристи «Азов Київ». Історія Святослава Холода | AIN.UA

How to write an unbiased and conversation-starting discussion guide | Method in Madness by Dovetail

Why Jony Ive Left Apple to the 'Accountants' | The New York Times

Through interiors, Severance reveals the gruesome nature of office work | Domus



Jony Ive chooses the 12 tools of his trade | Financial Times

A photographic portrait of contemporary Paris | Creative Review

🤪 Мeми

За три місяці активних військових дій до Awesomic приєдналися більше 50 нових людей, і ми шукаємо ще! Відкриті позиції UI/UX Designer, Senior UI/UX Designer, Webflow Developer та багато інших – за посиланням.

Для дизайнерів з України Awesomic пришвидшено валідує профайл перед початком роботи з західними клієнтами. Відновимо економіку країни разом! 🇺🇦

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