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About Us

CASES is a social network and educational platform for the creative and IT industries, created in Ukraine. Here you can learn and teach, create a portfolio and blog, share news and learn something new, find clients and experts.

Opportunities of the Platform

With us, you can learn or teach, develop your own portfolio and run your blog, share news and discover new ideas, as well as find partners for collaboration.

Learn and Teach

We have created our own powerful educational platform - Creative Practice. It is fully integrated into our social network, which allows you to go from getting to know the profession to starting or developing your career. And if you have enough experience, we are always happy to create joint educational products!

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Find a Job and Post Your Vacancies on CASES

Hundreds of employers are already searching for talented professionals with us! We offer a seamless interface for employer-candidate interaction.

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Online Media With a Personalized Feed

Read the news, cases, and blogs that interest you specifically!

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Powerful Portfolio Platform

You can create your own portfolio and publish case studies in any field! Whether it's design, SEO, marketing, advertising, software development, or entrepreneurship.

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A Really Convenient Editor!

In our editor, you can create cases, articles, and news in just a few minutes! In addition, we have an automatic save function for materials and the ability to collaborate on editing.

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Find Talents and Partners

Our platform unites thousands of talented professionals, both beginners and experienced. We are always happy to help you find designers, developers, copywriters, marketers, and more!

Feedback About CASES

I believe that the key to a successful project lies in understanding the market’s problems, being ready to tackle them, working methodically and purposefully, having a realistic outlook, and genuinely caring about people. And let’s not forget the secret ingredient – imagination and a creative approach. The CASES team has already shown for several years that they possess all of these qualities.

Mike Samovarov
Mike Samovarov
Design director of League Design Agency

We were smitten with CASES from the get-go! It’s a breeze to publish both short releases and lengthy analytical pieces on the platform. The team behind it is always willing to help. This platform is poised to become an indispensable tool for communicators, and it’s already a go-to bookmark for us.

Roman Gerashchenko
Roman Gerashchenko
CEO Sasquatch Agency

CASES is my favorite professional social network. It has a lot of interesting content, a powerful community, and a user-friendly interface that makes it easier than anywhere else to maintain a portfolio. Additionally, the platform provides a lot of opportunities to promote the company and drives additional traffic to our website. Thus, we regularly publish our materials here and look for partners.

Maksym Yakubovych
Maksym Yakubovych
CEO Goodface

As a communications professional, I'm delighted to work with CASES as an additional channel for brand awareness and talent search. It's impressive that the Ukrainian team, amidst the russian war in Ukraine, is developing this social network and educational platform tailored for the creative and IT industries, showcasing their dedication to creating a sophisticated product.

Julia Kravchuk
Julia Kravchuk
Employer Brand Manager at Reface

CASES is a one-of-a-kind platform that seamlessly integrates UGC media with captivating content and top-notch online education, featuring high-quality learning materials. It's especially advantageous for newcomers and individuals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in creative industries. Moreover, it's a fantastic Ukrainian product crafted by a team of seasoned professionals.

Olga Shevchenko
Olga Shevchenko
Creative Director at Vintage

I truly believe that CASES has made a substantial impact on the Ukrainian creative industry. We've consistently received support, valuable connections, and access to talented individuals through the platform. I must give a special shout-out to their charitable initiatives, like the Creative Practice Marathon. It truly embodies the greatness of CASES' philosophy. With their dedicated approach, I firmly believe that CASES has every chance of becoming the Ukrainian creative «trailblazer»!

Artem Beseda
Artem Beseda
СЕО Rocketman

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