We are excited to join new initiatives and research with our partners ZibraAI to bring innovation to virtual production.

Creating Cinematic VFX for Virtual Production with ZibraVDB Technology: Zibra AI x One Location


In this article, we're diving into whether the discovery stage is necessary for every project. You'll also discover the five crucial questions that this phase can help you answer.

Discovery Phase in Product Development: How to reduce risks and save money


In this article, we'll show you how to combine all aspects of composition work into a single algorithm - from choosing a particular type of composition to working with Gestalt grouping principles.

Using Composition in Graphic Design


Gestalt Principles of Visual Grouping are a super tool for graphic designers, interaction designers, and web designers. In this article, we explain how they work in a clear, consistent, and interesting way.

Gestalt Principles of Visual Grouping


In this article, we will find out how many centres can be in a composition and what the concept of a Gestalt figure and background has to do with it.

Focal point, Figure–Ground