Design digest #20: досвід користувача у AR та як генеративний AI змінює креативну роботу

Цей дайджест склали Олег Ідолов та Мирона Зулгаріна з Awesomic. Обговорюйте дайджест у коментарях, а також в окремій спільноті ;)

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Design Threads – A collaborative report unraveling the state of design today | PORTO ROCHA

🦄 Продуктовий та UI/UX дизайн

Статті та кейс стаді

🔗 Design system breakdown: Buttons | UX Collective

🔗 How to Get Helpful Feedback | NN/group

🔗 What Is Object-oriented UX Design and How to Design It? | FlowMapp

🔗 Checklist for Planning a User Test | NN/group

🔗 The Usability of Augmented Reality | NN/group

🔗 Designing The Perfect Mobile Navigation UX | Smashing Magazine

🔗 Top Tips for Data Accessibility | Material Design Blog

🔗 Duolingo’s redesign: 4 things they got right, 1 possible improvement | UX Collective

🔗 The Design System Guide – Step-by-step interactive handbook

🔗 iOS Design Guidelines: Illustrated Patterns (+ free templates)

🔗 14 practical examples of good UX writing | Halo Lab

🇺🇦 UX перевірений часом: Речі, що не змінили вигляд впродовж століть |


👁 Postevand — a thoughtful alternative when you don't have a tap close by | Good City

👁 Hibex: Branding and Web Design | UNKNW studio

👁 Sana’s AI-powered learning platform helps pioneering companies share knowledge

👁 Mural – Make it a mural, not just a meeting

👁 Apeel – Plant-based protection that helps the produce you love stay fresh for longer | Resn PRO

👁 Payload: the most powerful TypeScript CMS

👁 Villa Boisserée | Proekcia_

🇺🇦 WAR IN UKRAINE | Artem Militonian

👀 Візуальна комунікація

Статті та кейс стаді

🔗 In-house In-focus – highlighting the work and the people of in-house design, communication, and brand teams from companies around the world | UnderConsideration

🔗 How Spotify’s Wrapped campaign for 2022 came together | It’s Nice That

🔗 Astrid Stavro on joining the COLLINS family and the exciting challenges her new role will bring | The Brand Identity

🔗 Is design scared of sex? | It’s Nice That

🔗 This brilliant optical illusion book cover is fooling everyone | Creative Bloq

🔗 Fabric of England: unofficial England football shirt highlights the positive impact of immigration | Creative Boom

🔗 32 creatives respond to the inhumane treatment of migrant workers ahead of World Cup | It’s Nice That

🔗 Talia Cotton on working at Pentagram, inspiring students and creating meaningful design with code | The Brand Identity

🔗 Kia's Logo Is So Confusing That 30K People Google 'KN Car' Every Month | The Drive

🔗 In a world of information overload, Vlad Boyko is creating something new from upcycled visuals | It’s Nice That

🔗 Invasive Diffusion: How one unwilling illustrator found herself turned into an AI model | Waxy

🔗 Best album covers of the year unveiled for 2022 | Creative Boom

🔗 Igor Kolomiiets’ distinctive Spice-Girls-inspired modular system for NMJ champions individuality | The Brand Identity

🇺🇦 Як айдентика оживає у вебдизайні: кейс подкасту Hard Stop |


👁 PayPal | Gretel

👁 Gyroscope | Human After All

👁 Zuora | Focus Lab

👁 Veriff |

👁 Institute of Contemporary Arts | by Chris Chapman

👁 New Swiss Passport | by RETINAA

👁 NN North Sea Jazz | branding by Studio Dumbar

👁 British Land | rebranding by MixonBaxi

👁 Gaia | rebranding by Ragged Edge

👁 Canada Dry | new logo and packaging by Wedge

👁 Google Play | new logo and identity by R/GA

👁 Solovey – a vodka created to raise £1m to support Ukrainian people | Ragged Edge

👁 Algolia | new logo

👩‍🚀 Менеджмент, лідерство і кар’єрне зростання

The Management Gradient. From craft leader to business leader | by Design Dept

This 200 year old Japanese philosophy will make you a better designer | Bootcamp

How to Answer UX Job Interview Questions | NN/group

Civic Design: UX in the Public Sector | Rosenfeld Media

No, you should not be your team’s “shit umbrella” | Design Dept

Why the creative industry needs to start talking about men's mental health | Creative Boom

🇺🇦 Не покладаючи рук: Культура перепрацювання під час війни |

🔠 Типографіка

A Tech Branding Expert Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Creating a Bespoke Typeface | PRINT Magazine

10 Links To Create a Design Concept. Typography. Part Two | Muzli

Monotype Teases New Research on How Typography Effects Human Emotions | PRINT Magazine

Interactive animations with variable fonts – Fonts Knowledge | Google Fonts

Typeverything – a type-foundry focusing on display fonts

Studio Feixen Fonts

Fungal – Libre variable font inspired by mycelium growth | Velvetyne.

Sono – open source variable font | ETC, Etcetera Type Company.

Mona Sans & Hubot Sans – Two variable, open source fonts | GitHub.

🚀 Інструменти та продукти


Schema by Figma | Talks and conversations from annual design systems conference

Figma Releases: 🎁 Mini-bundle of Editor updates


What’s new in Illustrator, and After Effects | November/December 2022 | Adobe


ChatGPT: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue | OpenAI

Most loved products in November | Product Hunt

Framer Supply – components for Framer

Rive – The new standard for interactive graphics

Version 2 of Affinity apps: What’s new? | Affinity

Notion AI – Leverage the limitless power of AI in any Notion page | Notion

Runway – Discover advanced video editing capabilities to take your creations to the next level

🤔 Інше


How Generative AI Is Changing Creative Work | Harvard Business Review

Why corporate America broke up with design | FastCompany

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for UI/UX Designers and Creatives | Design Lab

Content Strategy 101 | NN/group

🇺🇦 Найважливіше з Web Summit 2022: технології задля гуманізму й IT-підтримка України |


How To Talk To Users | Startup School | Y Combinator

Banksy in Ukraine: art on the ruins that russian army left


Design Matters: David Aaker | PRINT Magazine

Krista Kim on Web3, the metaverse and wellbeing | On Design

Reflecting on 65 years of running a global design studio, with Tom Geismar | Creative Boom

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