How to get millions of subscribers on Youtube using Analytics 🤔

Almost every YouTube channel author knows what YouTube Analytics is. But many do not know how to use it.

They can be understood. Too many numbers, graphs, percentages...

But let's look at which of them should be monitored in order to achieve success. We go to YouTube Studio. Content section.

📎 Pattern number 1. The more comments a video has, the more views the video gets. It does not work in one hundred percent of cases, like everything in our life, nevertheless, it works.

📎 Another important factor that algorithms really appreciate is the ratio of likes to dislikes.

📎 Now we move to the Analytics tab of a specific video. Here we are interested in the metric of retention of the viewer's attention. There is a widespread belief that retention should be 40% or higher.

📎 The next tab is Reach or Views. We are interested in the CTR indicator (Click through rate). It is difficult to overestimate it. You can make an interesting video and no one will watch it. Just because your preview picture is bad.

YouTube Analytics is a huge topic. There is a "million" metrics - both for each individual video and for the channel as a whole. Create and analyze. Then create again and analyze again. This is the only way to make YouTube projects with millions of subscribers.