SMM Services for NFT Talkers

NFT Talkers is the first-ever Ukrainian NFT marketplace launched by a leading mobile operator lifecell. The main goals of this marketplace are to promote the art of Ukrainian creators, build a community, and help Ukraine to fight with the help of charity NFT collections minted by different artists and lifecell mobile operator as well. Because of the partnership with UNITED24 – the official fundraising platform of Ukraine, NFT Talkers is aimed at transferring all donations gathered from NFT buying directly to the UNITED24 platform.

AroundB Services for NFT Talkers:

🔹Social media strategy and implementation;

🔹Improvement of the brand positioning;

🔹Adaptation to the existing branding and improvement of brand style;

🔹Managing community building on Telegram/Twitter/Discord from scratch;

🔹Content creation: daily content creation and monthly content plans in advance for Twitter/Telegram/Discord;

🔹Community activities development and maintenance;

🔹Creators’ engagement and involvement in the development of the platform;

🔹Social Media Ads;

🔹Establishment of collaborations.