Design digest #15: дизайн на благі цілі, як дизайнеру стати невразливим до рецесії та DALL-E Mini

Цей дайджест склали Viktoriia Bazhul, Pavlo Sidash та Oleh Idolov в Awesomic.

Обговорюйте дайджест у коментарях, а також в окремій спільноті ;)

🦄 Продуктовий та UI/UX дизайн

Cтатті та кейс стаді

🔗 WWDC 2022 – Summary for Designers | Prototypr

🔗 Deceptive patterns in data protection (and what UX designers can do about them) | UX Collective

🔗 The Dos and Don’ts of Pairing Typefaces | NN/group

🔗 Atmospheric Design (What Is It and How Can It Be Achieved?) | UX Planet

🔗 The Power of Product Thinking | future.a16z

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🔗 The Interplay Between Perceived Usability and Quality in Visual Design | Journal of User Experience

🔗 Top Tasks: To Focus On What Matters You Must De-Focus On What Doesn't | Smashing Magazine

🔗 Why So Many Luxury Brands Are Terrible at Ecommerce | NN/group

🔗 How Linkedin Increased Notification Opt-in Rates by 500% |


👁 Basic Space – а digital marketplace that provides access to unique experiences and exclusive products

👁 Chordal – Where music and visual minds meet

👁 Purpur App – Therapy-game to win a deeper relationship

👁 Wealthsimple – Grow and manage your money from one place

👁 Bequant – Pioneering network optimization that improves speed, reduces latency and congestion

👁 Switch Research – Science-backed journals to support your mental and emotional health

👁 Juno – The most flexible employee wellbeing platform

👁 Countd – Healthy meal subscription app 

👁 Choreus – an extension of your art-buying team / your key to on demand project management

👀 Візуальна комунікація

Статті та кейс стаді

🔗 2022 Logo Trend Report | LogoLounge 

🔗 What do studios look for in junior designers | The Brand Identity 

🔗 Is There a Difference Between a Cult and a Brand? | Eye On Design

🔗 33 Letters for Ukraine started as a spontaneous and independent idea inspired by 36 Days of Type, where we drew 33 letters of the Ukrainian alphabet and posted it on our Instagram account in March–April 2022 | Fonts in Use

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🔗 The Best Redesigns of 2022 (So Far) | Dieline

🔗 Snap is tired of being misunderstood – and it just hired one of the world’s best storytellers | Fast Company


👁 Linktree – Share everything you create, curate and sell online

👁 Hyperspace Identity | by Sunday Afternoon

👁 New Zapier Brand

👁 Satrev | by Symbol Studio

👁 Goose Tea | by Qingyou Studio

👁 GSK | Wolff Olins

👁 Mobilia | brand identity by Gesture Systems

👁 | identity by TECHIIA holding / 303 design lab

👁 Forward Majority | visual identity by Order – BP&O

👁 GoTo | brand identity by Moving Brands

👩‍🚀 Кар’єрне зростання

How can you find time to design? | UX Collective

Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier In My Career | Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Magazine

Becoming a recession-proof designer | UX Collective

Watch these talks to become a better designer | Nishant Panchal

Should designers PM? | UX Collective

🤝 Менеджмент та лідерство

How Are Your Facilitation Skills? | Design Dept

Hiring and Retaining UX Teams During the Great Resignation | NN/group

How Do You Operationalize Relationship Design as a Skill Set? | Salesforce Design

🚀 Інструменти і продукти


What's New in Figma: June 2022. Widgets, plugin and template search, new API documentation.


Adobe plans to make Photoshop on the web free to everyone | The Verge

Letting machine learning choose the right font for everyone | Adobe Blog

Reinventing Adobe Spectrum's colors |


New in Sketch v89: Artboard templates and UI updates.


10 Chrome Extensions I Use As a Designer Every Day | UX Planet

Open-Source 3dicons Library: Case Study And Free Downloads | Smashing Magazine 

See color palette inspiration on a real example website | Happy Hues 

Ethical Design Resources

🤔 Інше


The vanishing designer | DOC

What can metaverse planners learn from Italo Calvino's Invisible cities | UX Collective

You’re never going to get hired as a UX designer | Bootcamp

The Wild Arrival of Digital Fashion | GQ

Design Personas for Twitter #DesignTwitter | Prototypr


The Founders Scaling Their Startup In A War Zone | Y Combinator


🎙Ukraine's design scene | Monocle on Design Podcast

🤪 Memes: DALL-E Mini Edition

Приєднуйтесь до ком’юніті дизайнерів Awesomic! Відкриті позиції UI/UX Designer, Senior UI/UX Designer, Webflow Developer та багато інших – за посиланням.

Для дизайнерів з України Awesomic пришвидшено валідує профайл перед початком роботи з західними клієнтами. Відновимо економіку країни разом! 🇺🇦

Приєднуйтесь до нашої дизайн-спільноти, обговорюйте найгарячіші кейси та надсилайте свої меми ;)