Design Digest #28: редизайн Slack, ребрендинг LG та оновлення Dribbble

Цей дайджест склали Олег Ідолов, Крістіна Губачек, Поліна Зінюха, Марта Калинич та Мирона Зулгаріна в Awesomic.

Обговорюйте дайджест у коментарях, а також в окремій спільноті ;)

🦄 Product та UI/UX дизайн

Статті та кейс-стаді

Web UX: Study Guide | NN/group

De-stress your UX: for mental health, accessibility, and mother nature | UX Collective

Designing Accessible Text Over Images: Best Practices, Techniques, And Resources | Smashing Magazine

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🇺🇦«Ми перезавантажили дизайн-систему, адже всі компоненти мають гармонійно поєднатися між собою» – Інтерв'ю з Тарасом Герусом, CDTO «Нової Пошти» |


👁 A redesigned Slack, built for focus | Slack

👁 Saturn – the calendar built for high school

👁 Opal Camera | Claudio Guglieri, HugoAhlberg, Aristide Benoist

👁 Electrys – EV charging app | Fireart Studio

👁 How We Feel – A journal to improve your wellbeing & emotional intelligence | Ben Powell

👁 Rose Island – a story of Giorgio Rosa and the tiny nation he founded in 1968 off the Rimini coast, embodying a generation's dreams and aspirations | También, Maël Ruffini

👁 Worldcoin – an iris biometric cryptocurrency project founded in 2019 by OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman

👁 Synchrodogs is an artist duo from Ukraine, Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova | Jason Bradley, Zhenya Rynzhuk

👁 Homegrown Garden Centre – (home) garden centre & coffee house

👁 MODELEC – High-End electrical equipment | Switches and sockets | Rezo Zero

👀 Візуальна комунікація

Статті та кейс стаді

AI in design: what does the future hold? Featuring thoughts from Seky Kwon, Grafik and Vernacular | The Brand Identity

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What do you do when a project ends? We explore creative grief and how to deal with it | It’s Nice That

Capri Sun Debuts ‘Kid Noise-Canceling Juice Drink’ To Give Parents A Break | designtaxi

🇺🇦 «Бо ми воюємо естетично». Дизайн шевронів, нашивок і патчів, які надихають воїнів України |


👁 LG rebrand | Wolff Ollins

👁 Hiro – a company bringing Web3 to Bitcoin | PORTO ROCHA

👁 BowFlex – fitness training equipment | Collins

👁 Numinus – psychedelics brand | Grand Army

👁 Carbo Culture – climate start-up | Bakken & Bæck

👁 Doconomy – an innovative Swedish impact-tech startup that aims to reduce the climate impact of consumption | ID—C, Letters From Sweden

👁 Underdays – underwear brand | Caramba Agency

👁 Biozeroc – a carbon-neutral concrete startup | How&How

🇺🇦 Vyshyvanka Day Festival | perfectly boring studio

👁 6 identities driven by motion, featuring projects by Landor & Fitch, IYA Studio, DIA and more | The Brand Identity

👩‍🚀 Продуктивність та кар’єрне зростання

10 advanced tips for a design portfolio | Slava Shestopalov for Design Bridges

Expert tips to build resilience and help you survive the design industry | Creative Boom

The tyranny of collaborative ideation | UX Collective

Making Indeed’s UX Design Principles | Indeed Design

Relationship Mapping: Identify Key Teams, People, and Resources | NN/group

Your career hype doc | David Hoang, Proof of Concept

How to Get Into Silicon Valley’s $600 Billion Startup School | The Circuit with Emily Chang

🇺🇦Одягніть кисневу маску спочатку на себе: як допомогти команді в період стресу |

🔠 Типографія

From Aptos to Helvetica—here’s how fonts get their unusual names | FastCompany

Monotype Launches New Foundry Program | Print Mag – Download somewhat contemporary fonts, free for commercial use

What Font Is This? How to Identify Any Font Like a Pro | webdesignerdepot

🇺🇦Typeface alphabet of the Ukrainian identity | Projector, Obys

🇺🇦Камерний «Простір літер» у Луцьку – про історію кирилиці і сучасний характер шрифтів | Chytomo

🚀 Продукти та інструменти


Dev Mode fast follows: 200+ new features and fixes | Figma Blog

Give ideas more space with Jambot | Figma Blog


Designing Adobe Illustrator’s rich tooltips | Medium

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Sketch v98: Smart Layout in groups & other improvements and fixes


Midjourney Launches an Inpainting Tool to Help Create Custom-Styled Images | Metaverse Post

Captions – your AI-powered creative studio

New Generative AI App Creates Poetry from Images

Google Meet’s new AI will be able to go to meetings for you | The Verge

Generative AI for Graphic Designers | Yes I'm a Designer

TextFX – Artificial Intelligence Tool for Rappers | Google


Rebrand – Stellar visual identity inspiration gallery

Framer Remix – A collection of the best templates for Framer

illustrations universe – Get inspiration from world's best illustrations – curated designed decks, slides, keynotes, guidelines — or whatever you call them.

Iconbuddy – a powerful icon search engine and manager that allows you to search, download, customize, and edit over 180k+ open source icons

🌠 Бонус: Кілька цікавих інста-сторінок

Ishaq Fahim | USA

🤪 Меми

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