Key issues and solutions for startup expansion

While expanding your startup you need to be ready for a bunch of challenges. Our team worked a lot with startups that are in the process of expanding. We've analyzed the main issues they face to gain deeper insights.

1. Highlight your product's value

The solution is too difficult for users to understand how it can help them. Thus, users are not able to realize the value of the product. Simple showreel and animated flow are here to help you. It can tell in a few steps how your product works.

2. Trigger viral branding

No matter how cool your product is, people who really need it won’t know about your product if it gets lost in the shuffle among competitors. The success of your product hinges on how recognizable it is to users. That's what makes your product go viral. You gotta make your logo or branding trigger powerful subconscious associations, just like famous brands do.

3. Tech-driven innovation

Clients need more complex and tech solutions to cover the different aspects of their requests. Users want more from their app, because of the tech evolution. So you need to create modern solutions. Boost your product with exciting new features. Take a closer look at areas that could be enhanced or benefit from AI. A startup should be just a little ahead of its time and bring in innovation.

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