Ukraine, Kyiv
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About us

CLUST is a Ukrainian venture builder created by serial entrepreneur Ruslan Timofeev in June 2022. The CLUST ecosystem exists to launch and develop IT products. Our mission is to help founders, project managers, product developers, and young entrepreneurs bring big ideas to life and turn them into profitable businesses without stereotypical mistakes along the way. CLUST operates as a co-founder company. We partner with businesses and support them from idea to release and to scale sales. In other words, when an entrepreneur enters the CLUST ecosystem with an idea, we provide the resources, help them assemble a team of professionals and develop a strategy, share expertise and take on the management burden. With us, founders can move up to the next level much faster and adapt to the world of big business. The CLUST ecosystem has six projects. One of them went from an idea to $1 million MRR in 8 months.


Ukraine, Kyiv