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FreshTech is a product and service company with 16 years of experience and a large portfolio of successfully implemented cases. Our knowledge and experience in various fields allow us to create the best solutions to simplify your business. Our flagship product is the Spiro software. It is a multifunctional and flexible automation system designed to implement unique, complex and customised solutions. Spiro contains functional components for automating business processes in various fields. It is not a boxed solution, but a tested set of ready-made tools that we can easily and quickly adapt to the unique requirements of your business. Learn more about Spiro: Custom solutions based on Spiro: 1. Business digitalisation - ERP system A comprehensive solution for managing business processes - PRM system An online platform for optimising cooperation with partners - CRM system A solution to improve communication with your customers - CMMS Maintenance, equipment and inventory management 2. Launching startup projects - PoC/MVP development Deployment of the MVP version of the project for quick time to market - Product design Mobile and web UI/UX, brand identity and logo, graphic design - Mobile development Functional mobile apps for iOS and Android on Flutter - Web development Online stores, corporate websites, marketplaces, web applications You can see our projects on our website: