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We are Co-creative PR Agency! We combine the efforts and experience of the best specialists on the Ukrainian market to magnify the expertise and develop the most effective solutions for our clients. Our mission is to get beyond conventional PR to create complex campaigns that will find a way into the hearts of our audiences. HOSHVA PR & DGTL offers a wide range of PR and DGTL services, effectively solving the client's needs through communication. We integrate the agency's experience, high professional standards, approach and work methods in achieving the goals of our clients. Our core values are: Respect. We respect the vision and opinion of the client, audience and colleagues, which allows us to come up with the most effective solutions. Systematicity. We value a systematic approach in any project, task and communication to clearly understand, plan and achieve the set goals. Proactivity. In order to implement the most creative solutions and put forward bold approaches in work, we always keep an eye on trends and interesting opportunities.