LIFT99 Kyiv Hub

About us

THE SPACE The space is fundamentally designed to evoke collaboration and innovation. From the spacious event area to the hallways, every square meter, every little detail is carefully thought-out. The most important place in our hub is definitely the kitchen (to be precise – two of them). The kitchen is where the magic happens: it’s where new ideas are born, it’s where future cofounders and friends meet, it’s where the community connects and finds ways in which to support each other. The hub has all the space and light needed to keep your mind bright and productivity up. It’s spread over 1800m2 on two floors. It has huge windows with the city view, open but smartly separated work areas, lounge area for both working and relaxing, huge event space, private phone booths and meeting rooms. 260 flex and fixed work desks + lounge area including 13 team rooms for 4-14 people 2 community kitchens Event venue for up to 200 people 9 meeting rooms for up to 24 people 8 phone booths Rooftop terrace opening in summer