Nerd Agency

About us

Nerd agency is a brand licensing agency and a part of FILM.UA Group, one of the largest media groups in Eastern Europe. We extend brands to consumer products and promo campaigns. Also, we provide celebrity marketing. We work internationally. Our key markets are Ukraine, CEE, and CIS. Our mission is to bring some fun to consumer's life and extra profit to our partners' businesses. Our services: - Consumer products licensing; - Licensed promo campaigns, advertising; - Licensed loyalty programs; - Space decoration using licensed brand; - New content based on a licensed property (theatrical shows, games, books); - Celebrity Marketing (promo campaigns with celebrities, consumer products licensing using names/images of celebrities). For rights holders, we bring licensees, promote the licensed property, and facilitate the approval process. For licensees, we advise the most suitable brand, support product development, and help to launch and promote the product.