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About us

Altum Software partners with Fintech startups, guiding them from pre-seed to product-market fit and beyond. We build regulatory-compliant Web3 applications, secure high-load Fintech products, and integrate AI-powered data analytics. We’re a team of 25+ software architects, engineers, product managers, business analysts, product designers, and QA engineers. We are committed to implementing cutting-edge, human-centered Fintech solutions that place UX and regulatory compliance at the forefront to help our partners develop a go-to-market strategy, reach product-market fit, achieve scale, and raise investments. Our engineers possess a deep understanding of the Fintech market, including its unique requirements, potential issues, and challenges, which enables them to develop scalable Fintech solutions while prioritizing security measures and regulatory compliance to prevent unauthorized access, minimize risks, and create a secure environment for everyone involved. By leveraging our expertise in Blockchain, Web3, and AI, we help Fintech startups develop robust Fintech apps and advance the financial solutions they provide by making them more efficient, secure, and transparent while automating business operations.