New Website Design for GARTAL

Earlier we have already written about cooperation with GARTAL and showed you a branding case study. You can read more about that project here.

But that was just the beginning! The next step was to create a website, for which we provided UI/UX design services. The site not only visually matched the updated branding, but was also user-friendly, functional and effective.

More information about our work can be found below.

We understood that the GARTAL website needed to be more than just a beautiful image, it had to be a tool for business development. The project’s main goal was to ensure maximum convenience and aesthetic appeal for every site element.

Solar Digital eagerly undertook the UX/UI design project for the Czech construction company GARTAL. It wasn’t just a project; it was an opportunity to create something truly special, leveraging our previous experience in real estate and corporate website development.

We provided an all-encompassing solution for designing the GARTAL website, starting with a thorough audit of the current site, competitor analysis, and user journey mapping using advanced tools. We then crafted UX designs, which the client particularly loved and valued.

During the design process, we expanded the initial scope to include additional elements such as a blog, news section, contact page, 404 error page, glossary, and informational pages.

Our work includes:

  • Comprehensive UX research and competitor analysis
  • Development of UX layouts for the main page, project page, pricing page, apartment page, and contact page
  • Creation of UI layouts for the website
  • Development of animations

We are proud to have created a design that fully meets GARTAL’s needs, helping them achieve new business milestones.

But the best part is that Czech media are writing about our work and our client notes that their company now stands out from the competition.

Solar Digital team involved in the project: UX designer, art director, 2 UI designers, 1 Project Manager and Business Analyst.

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Branding for the Real Estate company GARTAL
Branding for the Real Estate company GARTAL
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