Web service EcoSwap


EcoSwap is an online platform that brings people together to exchange and recycle secondary materials, promoting sustainable consumption and reducing environmental impact. The platform serves as a hub for individuals passionate about sustainability, providing a space to share things, ideas, and support.


Create a web service where users be able to post announcements for the exchange of unnecessary things, share projects created by using secondary materials, find ideas and instructions for recycling, find collection points for further recycling of unnecessary things, create and join groups on reuse and recycling of secondary materials, communicate with like-minded people.

Design goals

Creating a comprehensive and engaging platform that empowers (and encourage) individuals to exchange unnecessary items, create new from old stuff, participate in recycling efforts, eco-events, ultimately helping preserve natural resources and reduce the impact of waste on the environment.


The EcoSwap web service is carefully composed to create a user-friendly and engaging experience that promotes sustainable consumption and environmental impact reduction. The layout includes Home page and essential Sections that guide users through the website's offerings and community features. 


The EcoSwap website uses a clean, modern typography (Inter font) to ensure readability and reflect the eco-friendly mission of the platform.


The color scheme of the EcoSwap website revolves around a green palette, symbolizing growth, sustainability, and environmental consciousness. A clean white background is used to create a bright and inviting space. This also ensures that the green elements and text stand out clearly. Black and dark green text colours are used to ensure readability and provide a clean contrast against the white background. 

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